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Each workshop is unique and covers a different aspect of mindfulness.
These workshops are not in continuation.

Session #1: Grounding and Centering: Learn techniques that help you
focus, stabilize your energy and empower yourself to a be in a positive
state of being.

Session #2: Practicing Mindfulness and self- compassion: We often are
kind to others but can be our worst critics. Gift yourself the Gift of
presence and kindness to access greater inner peace and self-acceptance.

Session #3: Respond and not React!: Transform the negative patterns of
thoughts by accepting, understanding and managing emotions to reduce
anxiety and reclaim peace.

Session #4: Release and Rejuvenate: learn to mindfully practice
forgiveness by choosing to forgive the past, learn to flow with our
minds and be empowered to stay present and experience the joy of
the present moment.