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Contra Costa County MEDS Coalition educates students and parents throughout the county about opioid and prescription drug misuse. Education is key to preventing drug misuse and overdoses. Contra Costa County MEDS Coalition talks to students and parents about monitoring prescription drug use after an injury,  the risks of prescription and illicit drugs, encourages alternative stress and injury management techniques,  and empowers them to make their own educated decisions about prescribed and illicit drugs. 

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Educate yourself and others about the opioid epidemic and prescription drug misuse using the resources listed below. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The ‘Opioid Overdose’ section of the CDC’s website provides an overview of the prescription drug abuse epidemic throughout the U.S. as well as data and resource information including new CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. Additional information includes:

                      • Data overview
                      • Drug overdose death data
                      • Overdose prevention

Medicine Abuse Project

The Medicine Abuse Project is a multi-faceted resource site hosted by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kid for parents and grandparents, healthcare providers, educators, communities and law enforcement that includes the following:

                      •  Medication storage and disposal guidelines 
                      • Relevant statistics
                      • How to get help
                      • Parent and community resources

    Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has a helpline you can call and connect with a trained professional if you know a young person struggling            with drug or alcohol use. You can connect in the following ways, with support available in English and Spanish:

SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit offers strategies to health care providers, communities, and local governments for developing practices and policies to help prevent opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Access reports for community members, prescribers, patients and families, and those recovering from                                                opioid overdose.

Implement opioid and prescription drug education into your own school or class’s curriculum using evidence based curricula. Parents are also encouraged to take education into their own hands and speak with their children about this important issue. Use the curricula below as guidance, or as easily implemented programming. 

Lions Quest

Lions Quest provides social and emotional learning programs for students K-12, including the following:

                • Positive behavior
                • Connection to school
                • Character education
                • Anti-bullying 
                • Drug, alcohol & tobacco awareness
                • Service learning

Operation Prevention

Operation prevention provides a K-12 no-cost digital curriculum with tools to combat opioid misuse. It includes the following: 

                • Virtual field trips
                •  English and Spanish curriculum and resources
                •  Parent toolkit
                •  National Peer to peer video challenge

EverFi Prescription Drug Safety for High School 

EverFi Prescription Drug Safety for High School is an innovative digital course that arms students with the knowledge and tools to make health-informed decisions around prescription drugs. Course highlights include the following:

                • Evidence-based, universal, public health approach to learning 
                • Interactive, true-to-life scenarios that reinforce key learning objectives 
                • Topics include opioids, stimulants,  depressants, proper storage and disposal of drugs,  debunking common myths etc.

Overdose Lifeline, Inc

The “This is (Not) About Drugs” prevention program is an outcomes-driven, science-based youth opioid misuse prevention program-incorporating the NIDA principles,  risk and protective factors that can be rolled out anywhere in the United States. It specifically addresses the national opioid crisis, is targeted at 6-12th graders,  and incorporates pre and post-assessments into the program. 

    Smart Moves, Smart Choices

    Smart Moves, Smart  choices is a FREE national awareness program designed to inform parents, teens, and educators about the risks of teen                          prescription drug misuse. This program is meant to empower them to address this serious issue.  The curricula includes the following:  

                • Tools and resources to empower schools and communities to begin a dialogue with elementary, middle, and high school students and their parents and relatives
                • School and parent toolkit to encourage honest conversation with children 
                • Educational materials


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