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Resources and Tools

View the resources below to learn more about how parents and grandparents can help keep their loved ones safe and educated. Additionally, seniors should read the resources below to proactively learn about how to safely use prescription drugs and opioids if they are prescribed. Seniors should feel empowered to ask their health care providers about alternative treatments if they so wish. 

Parents and Grandparents

Up and Away Campaign

The  Up and Away Campaign, made in partnership with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, encourages safe medication storage and disposal. It features:

                  • Relevant statistics
                  • Guidelines for safe medication storage
                  • Emergency numbers
                  • Downloadable material

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

The Medicine Abuse Project, part of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and the Center on Addiction provides resources for parents and grandparents regarding the following:

                  • Teen Rx misuse
                  • Parent talk kit 
                  • Non-medical use of Rx stimulants
                  • Documentaries 

National Council on Aging 

The National Council on Aging is a respected national leader and trusted partner to help people aged 60+ meet the challenges of aging. They partner with nonprofit organizations, government, and business to provide innovative community programs and services, online help, and         advocacy. Here are some examples of programs and information they provide:

                • Economic security
                • Health living 
                • Public policy 
                • News 

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) features information for aging adults regarding the safe use of medicines and the normal body changes that accompany aging. The following resources are included:

                • As you Age...A Guide to Aging, Medicines, and Alcohol
                • As you Age: You and Your Medicines 
                • Medicines and You: A Guide for Older Adults Medicines and You: A Guide for Older Adults 
                • Stop -- Learn -- Go -- Tips for Talking with your Pharmacist to Learn How to Use Medicines Safely
                • MedlinePlus: Seniors' Health Consumer health information for seniors from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Institute on Aging

The National Institute on Aging (NIA), one of the 27 Institutes of Centers of NIH, leads a broad scientific effort to extend the healthy, active years of life. NIA's Safe Use of Medications for Older Adults provides prescription drug safety information including the following:

                • Tracking Your Medications: Worksheet 
                • Questions to Ask Your Doctor About A New Medicine
                • How Can a Pharmacist Help?
                • Side Effects
                • Strategies for Keeping Track of Your Medicines
                • Taking Medicines Safely 
                • Medications and Traveling
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