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Her blog discusses prescription drug misuse, specifically highlighting information for teens and young adults. Click here to read her blog, watch interviews with individuals with lived experience, find resources for yourself and loved ones, and learn about events and how you can get involved. 

Anika is a high school senior who has been an intern with the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse (NCAPDA) for over three years. During this time, she has helped out at events, worked on special projects, and built NCAPDA’s Youth Corner which is dedicated specifically to helping teens and young adults understand prescription drug misuse and its dangers. She hopes to pursue a career in which she can help research and produce medications that carry fewer adverse side effects. Anika is incredibly motivated to volunteer with the NCAPDA because she feels that the first step to targeting prescription drug misuse is through outreach and education. She is also pursuing this field through biology-focused internships and research, but apart from this she enjoys singing, playing the piano, and playing with her cat.